Book Rooms, Get Paid

We are pleased to offer our free Planner Perks program to all meeting planners. There’s no sign-up necessary, and no hoops to jump through—just book a block of guest rooms and earn up to a $100 gift card. It really is that easy.

How It Works

Simply book 10 or more rooms and receive a MasterCard gift card in the mail at the end of the month!

  • Book 10-19 rooms: Get a $10.00 gift card

  • Book 20-29 rooms: Get a $30.00 gift card

  • Book 30-49 rooms: Get a $50.00 gift card

  • Book 50+ rooms: Get a $100.00 gift card

Please note that rewards are based on the total number of rooms accumulated in your room block over a series of consecutive days. Unfortunately, we are unable to give credit for guest rooms booked outside of your reserved room block.

For more information about our Planner Perks Program, please contact Director of Sales, McKenzie Speck, at (605) 336-6620.